Mind & Body Stronger with Jog On

About Jog On

Historically, sportswear brands have emphasised physicality, neglecting the importance of mental health. There has been a specific attention to endurance, speed and athleticism with the use of slim, young models promoting a certain body and facial type. We say "Jog On" to all that!

The Story behind our logo 

Appearing in a speed sign, our logo, embodies the message that fitness is a personal journey. You take YOUR pace, your speed. It is about keep getting up when things get tough.

We look for a sign, direction, instructions but this all resides within our own selves. By tapping into this we can try and carry on when there is no one else to guide us. And when negative thoughts or other people try to stop us, we say JOG ON to them!

Founding Principles

1/INCLUSIVE We aim to bring people together through movement and eventually have products that everyone can have access to regardless of body type, disability, gender and economic background. Our average and larger sizes will be available soon. 

2/RESPONSIVE Societies needs are ever changing. We listen and do our best to support. We keep an eye on statistics around mental health in particular and attempt to provide hands on advice and support.

3/BENEFICIENT We aim to help others through our brand & consultancy, providing sessions and education around mental health. We give some of our revenue to children's mental health charities. We try and give a microphone to those whos voices are not being heard

4/MINDFUL Sensitively, we want to help others with achieving a greater sense of well-being by encouraging a holistic approach to fitness. We focus on the relationship between mind and body, relationships and emotions.

5/ACCOUNTABLE Jog On avoids toxic positivity, patronising and forcefulness that can often lead to damaging consequences. We know that everyone has their own story and life experiences and that trauma can play a part in how we engage in sports or how much we can feel we belong. Instead, Jog On creates realistic opportunities & shares our own challenges and mistakes. We hope to uplift & not deflate others. Jog On aims to do no harm and create a safe place.

Executing our mission and principles: 3 Step Methodology

EDUCATE                  SUPPORT                  UPLIFT