Mind & Body Stronger with Jog On

Our Work at Millhouse Primary School, Essex



Jog On has been delighted to initially pilot our KS1 & 2 programme at Millhouse Primary in Essex, evolving to a well-modelled intervention that has found its place in the school community. 

Using mind & body, movement & stillness techniques the children have grown in emotional awareness, regulation and resilience. 

We got staff involved too, with a great CPD session   designed to empower them in the classroom and   playgrounds to support children better when they   struggle   with emotions. 
  We have seen shy children, low in self-esteem, find   their voices and express opinions confidently. We have   seen extrovert personalities learn to ground & allow others the opportunity to learn & grow. 
So, not only through group work, Jog On has supported students in a one-to-one setting. We have seen 3 KS1 children learn to regulate emotions using our unique techniques, mirroring the physical activity of the child to get into their emotional language. Children do not have the words or cognitive understanding to express themselves. So they use their bodies instead. Jog On facilitators use this method of communication to hear the children, through the metaphors,speed and agility of those movements and match them in that conversation, pause with them and take a moment of physical silence to breathe.

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